The election for the Los Angeles School Board is March 7.

Welcome to my website!

When I was elected to the Los Angeles School Board 11 years ago as an experienced educator and social worker, I immediately challenged the downtown school bureaucracy, fought for greater accountability and tackled the most difficult problems facing our schools.

Since then, I’m proud to report that tests scores and graduation rates at neighborhood schools are increasing and the dropout rate is down.  I secured funds to reduce overcrowding and improve the quality of education by upgrading outdated classrooms and science labs, repairing deteriorating schools to improve student safety, and creating new, smaller neighborhood schools so students are better prepared for college and to get the job skills they need to work in a 21st Century economy.

I’m running for re-election because we still have work to do to continue the transformation of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

I will continue to lead the fight to give parents more choices of where they send their children to school; to increase local control and decision-making to empower parents, teachers and principals; and to increase accountability throughout the district among teachers, principals, administrators, the Board – and yes, students and families too. And I will continue to prevent wasteful spending so more of our money goes into the classroom – and fight for a fair share of funding from Sacramento for local schools.

If you believe in investing in our children, and our future – won’t you please join our campaign?

Thank you,